• Trip Report November 2017

    On Sunday 22nd October 2017, we flew off to Cambodia for a very busy two weeks to provide materials to the students for the start of the school year.

    On the Monday we were driven out to the village of Phum O by Bunrith, our man on the ground. At Phum O Primary School the principals came to meet us, and one by one we collected the necessary information on each school.

    We now have 10 schools that we support with 3250 students. The schools gained 490 Preps and said goodbye to 366 grade 6 students from the previous school year, many of who are now going to High School.

    On the Tuesday, we had the task of going over the figures and preparing the orders for our suppliers. We purchase all of the materials locally, which provides broader support to the local community in which we operate. The uniform man is located at the People's market and the bicycle man has his stall next to the People's market and our stationery lady.

    Our days start at 7.30am with Bunrith and Rosa our driver, collecting us so we can pick up our orders each morning. We then drive south from Siem Reap on National Highway No 6 for 45mins to an hour. 


    The first week we give out the stationery and uniforms, and with the 1st November being the start of the school year, we were pleased to have all the students kitted out beforehand. This then left us with the last three days to hand out the bicycles, to the students selected by the Principals as being most in need of assistance to get to school.

    It was really pleasing on this visit to see that three of the schools we support, had made improvements to their schools by undertaking fundraising in their own communities. There was a real sense of pride at these schools of what they had done.



    At the end of the 2 weeks we had given out 10,150 exercise books, 1,500 pencils, 1,800 pens and other stationery (US$ 4,950).  Also 1,600 uniforms (US$ 10,350),   90 bicycles (US$ 3,330)  and 493 library books (US$ 500).

    All up we spent approximately US$20,000, which we have been accumulating through fundraising events attended by our supporters and your generous donations.

     Meredith and Bec Liddle

    Directors, Children of Cambodia Foundation.


  • Trip Report March 2017

    On the 5th March 2017, I left for Siem Reap with my friend Robyn for 10 days of work at our 9 Primary Schools. That afternoon, friends Trish, Jo and Melba from Adelaide, South Australia arrived in Siem Reap to join me.

    The plan for this visit was to provide maintenance to some of our schools. This time it is paving and Toteungtgnay and Prey Prah are the chosen schools.  Also whirly birds are to be placed on the roofs of each classroom at Toteungtgnay, Thnal Dach and Prey Prah.


    A toothbrush and toothpaste for every student was also on the agenda and Robyn, Trish, Melba and I had a busy time handing these items out. (Joe nominated himself as photographer.) Bunrith was again called upon to demonstrate to the children how to use the toothbrush and toothpaste.

    Library books for each school were also on the agenda with Bunrith and Rosa taking us to the stationery store where the five of us spread out and gathered a selection of books. It was with extreme pleasure that I watched Robyn, Melba, Trish and Joe purchase their selection of books for the school of the day.



    We also paid for Mr Saren, our builder, to provide a new wrought iron gate at Beoung PS.  When we arrived at Beoung I was surprised to see a new brick fence had been constructed in between our last visit in October/November and this visit. This had come about by fundraising by the villagers to make it safe for the children while they are at school.

    When we arrived at Phum O PS I was also pleasantly surprised to find a new brick fence constructed by the villagers. The Commune Chief had decided that the village should contribute to this school as well.

    Another successful trip.

    Meredith Liddle